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On its now inactive website, Africrypt described itself as "an investment firm exclusively focused on crypto-currency and blockchain technology". The company, founded in 2019, told investors that in only a few years it had grown from a one-man operation running out of a bedroom to "one of Africa's largest and most successful AI trading companies".


Africrypt was a cryptocurrency scam perpetrated by two brothers, Ameer and Raees Cajee. The brothers allegedly targeted high-net worth individuals and celebrities in South Africa, luring them with promises of lucrative returns. They urged their clients to keep the project a secret, which inadvertently lured even more people according to South African authorities. Customers were unable to access their funds, and the founders at first claimed that Africrypt had been hacked, but cybersecurity experts quickly linked the “hacker's” wallet addresses to the two brothers. The brothers disappeared in early 2022 and have been missing ever since. Reports indicate that they escpaed with around $3. 6million worth of Bitcoin.

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