Submission rules

We can accept a submission if the following applies:

  • The information you’ve submitted is, without question, related to the same target the bounty is for. There should be demonstrable proof to show this. A weak match will not be accepted; e.g. if the only proof you can provide is that the target shares a name with the person whose information you’re submitting.
  • You have included annotated screenshots or images of relevant data, URLs of web pages, social media accounts, or other sources to add to your submission.
  • You have stated a clear hypothesis, outlined the steps taken to gather or analyse the evidence, presented the evidence in a clear, structured way, and connected the dots for us to understand the association between the evidence provided and the conclusion you drew.
  • Each step is replicable from start to finish. There is no such thing as too much detail in your submission. While reviewing submissions, the admin must be able to find exactly the same information you are presenting easily, e.g., Google search “John” <screenshot, URL>, the article comes up on page 3 from website <screenshot>, webpage on shows information XYZ <screenshot>, etc.

Specific bounties/targets

  • If you are submitting email data regarding company bounties, we cannot accept any generic domain email addresses, only named email addresses, i.e., “” will be accepted but “” will not.
  • If you are submitting email data regarding individual bounties, we cannot accept any domain email addresses, only personal email addresses, i.e., “” will be accepted but will not.
  • If you are submitting phone number data regarding company bounties, we cannot accept generic company phone numbers e.g. phone numbers listed on company’s websites or “Contact Us” pages. Only personal phone numbers belonging to individuals with a demonstrable association to the company will be accepted.
  • When submitting against a bounty for company shareholders or directors, we cannot accept data provided for individuals who are already on our bounty list.

General Rules

  • All the information in the findings you submit must be valid and correct.
  • You must fill in all the required fields of your submission. Bounties have required and optional fields. These fields vary depending on the bounty, but the chances of your findings being approved increase with the more evidence you provide in your submission.
  • The admins will judge your submission based on the evidence you have provided.
  • Transaction analysis websites labelling wallets as responsible for a hack doesn’t necessarily count as enough proof.
  • Guess-work or assumptions in submissions cannot be accepted.
  • StrategyTribe does not guarantee all submissions will be reviewed. Bounties and their rewards are awarded only to accepted submissions. Submissions with more information and better evidence will be considered over others.
  • When submitting your findings, you agree to our terms of service.
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