Submission rules

When submitting your findings, you agree to our terms of service. All the information in the findings you submit must be valid and correct. To successfully submit your findings, you must fill in all the required fields. Bounties have required and optional fields. These fields vary depending on the bounty, but the chances of your findings being approved increase the more evidence you provide in your submission. The judging criteria for bounties are the same regardless of the type of bounty you have chosen to pursue. When reflecting on whether your submission meets the minimum standard required to be accepted:

      reportAre you submitting enough information?
      You should submit at least one piece of information that matches the bounty description. For example, at least one email or wallet address.
      reportCan the staff replicate your process?
      The connection between the bounty and your submission must be solid and clear.
      In order to ensure your information is trustworthy, our staff must be able to reach the same conclusion following the same steps as you. You can submit screenshots of your process as attachments or a step-by-step guide.

The staff will judge your submission based on the evidence you have provided. StrategyTribe does not guarantee all submissions will be reviewed. Bounties and their rewards are awarded on a “first come, first served” basis; someone might have submitted their findings before you.

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