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baltic media alliance

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Baltic Media Alliance (BMA) is an international media holding that deals in Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) with Russian television channel broadcasting, mobile media and content production, as well as advertising and marketing. BMA is one of the largest media holdings in the region. A total of 25 television channels in Baltics are part of the Baltic Media Alliance.


At the end of January Riga District Court sentenced LLC Baltic Media Alliance (BMA) co-owner Oleg Solodov and BMA Estonian branch director Margus Merima to fines for breaching sanctions imposed by the European Union. Two legal persons signed a contract and provided financing to a person on the list of EU sanctions. This person is the co-owner and council chairman of Rossiya Bank Yuri Kovalchuk, who is also close to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. In 2014 he was put on the sanction lists of the EU and the US for involvement in Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Operates in

  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania