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dropil inc.

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Dropil Inc. was a Belize-based company operating out of Fountain Valley, USA. Dropil provided and managed investments in digital assets such as cryptocurrency. Its founders developed Dropil’s digital asset, called DROP tokens, as well as its digital asset trading program, an automated trading bot called “Dex. ”


Dropil's founders induced investors to purchase DROPs by making false claims about the functionality and profitability of Dex, which was said to provide an “expertly managed portfolio balancing algorithm [that] manages risk,” according to information published on Dropil’s website. They held an illegal ICO in 2018 for the sale of DROPs, through Dropil’s website. To induce investors to purchase DROPs, founders made a series of false statements to investors in a “White Paper” published on Dropil’s website and on its Twitter account, promoting the cryptocurrency’s supposed success. In total, the founders obtained approximately $1,896,657 from 2,472 investors through the sale of approximately 629 million DROPs. But they did not use the money as promised to investors and used at least $1. 6 million to fund disbursements to themselves.

Operates in

  • Belize
  • USA