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ANO TV-Novosti is based in Russia. It operates in the Radio Broadcasting industry. RT is a brand of TV-Novosti, an autonomous non-profit organization founded by the Russian state-owned news agency RIA Novosti in April 2005. During the economic crisis in December 2008, the Russian government, headed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, included ANO "TV-Novosti" on its list of core organizations of strategic importance to Russia.


Has described RT as giving Russia "soft power", and being the same kind of "tool" for Russia that the "BBC or CNN" are "for the UK and USA". In 2012, she stated that RT waged "an information war. . . with the entire Western world" during the Russo-Georgian War. Observers have criticized the state-supported/controlled nature of RT as an instrument of propaganda. The New Republic writer James Kirchick accused the network of "often virulent anti-Americanism, worshipful portrayal of Russian leaders". Has been accused of being anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian-

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  • Russia