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Interavtomatika ZAO was founded in 1994. The Company's line of business includes performing commercial business, marketing, opinion, and other economic research. Specialised in control and communication systems for power plants, which has entered into contracts for projects concerning the building of the power plants and the installation of gas turbines in Sevastopol and in Simferopol.


The EU added three natural persons and three entities to the Russia-Ukraine sanctions list (see below). These parties have been listed because of their alleged involvement in the illegal onward supply of gas turbines to parties in Crimea. That onward supply took place in spite of contractual arrangements. The trade with parties in Crimea and Sevastopol is prohibited. That includes the delivery (sale, transfer, etc. ) of certain goods for infrastructure projects in the energy sector (or for the development of such projects). Moreover, the turbines are now being used to develop new power stations in Crimea, in order to create a power supply that is independent of Ukraine.

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  • Russia