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ruja ignatova is wanted by the fbi for her alleged participation in a large-scale fraud scheme. beginning in approximately 2014, ignatova and others are alleged to have defrauded billions of dollars from investors all over the world. ignatova was the founder of onecoin ltd. , a bulgaria-based company that marketed a purported cryptocurrency. in order to execute the scheme, ignatova allegedly made false statements and representations to individuals in order to solicit investments in onecoin. she allegedly instructed victims to transmit investment funds to onecoin accounts in order to purchase onecoin packages, causing victims to send wire transfers representing these investments. throughout the scheme, onecoin is believed to have defrauded victims out of more than $4 billion. ignatova served as onecoin's top leader through october 2017. on october 25, 2017, ignatova traveled from sofia, bulgaria, to athens, greece, and may have traveled elsewhere after that. she may travel on a german passport to the united arab emirates, bulgaria, germany, russia, greece and/or eastern europe.

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